Riding The Back Roads Photography

Scenes from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northwestern North Carolina and Southwestern Virginia.  

The landscapes, the country roads with their barns and farms and the old abandoned houses speak to me, of times past and long ago.  

Photo Galleries

Hi y'all.........Bonita here!

Here you can browse around and just view or purchase my photos that I've captured here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of northwestern North Carolina and southwestern Virginia.

I've always loved riding the back roads and through my photography I hope to share my passion and love for my surroundings of these beautiful places and scenery that I call home.  I love these old barns, farmhouses, even our old abandoned houses, and the beautiful scenery is some of the best in the world. These places speak to me, like a whisper in the wind of times long past and  of our history and our heritage.    

To browse just click on one of the photo galleries if one of them strikes your fancy.   If you are interested in purchasing I  have prints in many sizes available and also mugs, puzzles, and even cards are available. Just click on a photo that you like from the photo galleries and a buy button will appear. 

So put your seatbelt on and let's take a ride as we discover some of the things I find on my journeys on these beautiful back roads.


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